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Our Corporation

SMARTCREW is an ambitious, growing corporation with several active players from around the world. Our players are dedicated to furthering the goals of our employee owned corporation. We not only enlist Dust mercenaries into our corporation, but also Eve pilots as well. Our goals are to start obtaining districts via weekly planetary conquests. We fight and win as a team. We welcome new and veteran players into our corporation. If you are a new player, we will provide you training to make the most of your skills as a mercinary. If you are interested in obtaining membership into this corporation or wish for further information, please contact Eva Tsolmom or Spy Davila in Dust or via email in Eve. We look forward to hear from you.

To SmartCrew and Smart Deploy members, in order to register to the forums read the post Read before Registration first.  It contains information that must be followed before being granted access to the forums.  Failure to do so will result in your registration being deleted and you will not gain access to the forums.

This website is a work in progress, and it will be expanded as time goes on.  Please give me feedback in the forums as things you would like to see on this site.

Voice Communications

When you are in voice please be respectful of those you are with.  Not everyone wants to hear a play by play of things that you are doing.  Also, when in PCs please do not speak unless you ABSOLUTELY NEED to.  The only people that should be talking are the Team Leader and the Squad Leaders.  DO WHAT YOU ARE ASKED TO DO.  Do not run off and do you own thing.  You MUST HAVE Voice to participate in PCs, this is a requirement in order to PC with us.  If you do not have voice or cannot hear (which everyone has the capability to hear) you cannot PC.

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